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Autism Treatment Cambridge

Autism Spectrum Conditions are characterised by a number of core difficulties in:  

Social communication
Social interaction
Social imagination
Sensory perception
Rigid and inflexible cognitive style

The lack of social perception can lead to inappropriate behaviour, anxiety, rejection, isolation/withdrawal and depression. In particular, it can prove very difficult for those with autism to enter into and maintain positive social relationships. In addition, ritualistic and repetitive behaviours are common.

The Autism Spectrum can be sub-divided into Classic Autism, High-Functioning Autism and Asperger Syndrome.

People with classic autism display all the core symptoms, together with a severe learning disability.

People with high-functioning autism display all the core symptoms, together with a mild, or moderate learning disability.  

People with Asperger Syndrome display all the core symptoms, without a learning disability and their IQ is often above average.

Some people with Autistic Spectrum Conditions have a great ability in a limited area.  For example, the autistic population includes gifted artists, musicians, mathematicians, computer technicians etc.  Many are able to work, although some may need support.

Useful therapeutic support includes play therapy, psychotherapy, aromatherapy, reflexology, homeopathy, communication therapy and social skills development. Some individuals benefit from intensive therapies on a 1:1 basis.   

People with Asperger Syndrome and high-functioning autism may additionally benefit from treatment targetting anxiety, depression and can include cognitive restructuring, psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. 

Recognising the complex nature of Autistic conditions the Therapy Room Cambidge have now introduced an Integrated Autism Therapy Clinic.

Therapies to tackle Autism

Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology
Functional Health Care

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