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Tennis Elbow Treatment Cambridge

Tennis elbow is inflammation in the area around the bony bump on the outer side of the elbow. This bony lump is called the lateral epicondyle and the medical name for tennis elbow is lateral epicondylitis. Similar symptoms can occur on the inner side of the elbow, which is sometimes called 'golfer's elbow' (epicondylitis).

Tendons controlling the muscles of the forearm are located around the lateral epicondyle. When this area is inflamed, it can be painful to carry out movements using the forearm. Twisting movements such as turning a door handle may be particularly painful.

The elbow joint is surrounded by muscles that move your elbow, wrist and fingers. Tendons in the elbow join the bones and muscles together and tennis elbow happens when one or more of these tendons become/s inflamed. The pain you feel is at the point where the tendons from the forearm muscle attach to the bone. This is the result of small injuries to the tendons that cause it to become inflamed.

Therapies to tackle Tennis elbow

Bodywork and movement
Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology
Functional Health Care

Comprehensive Integrated Health Assessment CambridgeX

Comprehensive Integrated Health Assessment

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In order to gather all the necessary information before your Health assessment, please fill in New Client Intake forms, prior to your consultation.

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